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Center Based Services

ABA therapy in 1:1 setting with an RBT

All sessions in the Center are 1:1 and utilize procedures in applied behavior analysis. Our therapists are highly trained RBT's (Registered Behavior Technicians) and are required to attend professional development workshops throughout the year. We employ therapists who are in Applied Behavior Analysis Master’s or doctorate programs and are completing their required clinical supervision hours. All sessions are overseen by one of the Board Certified Behavior Analysts on-site and weekly supervision feedback is given to each therapist. The RBT will collect data on both skill acquisition and behavior reduction programs.  All data is thoroughly analyzed, programmed, and updated on a weekly basis by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst.

Behavior Reduction

Behavior Reduction programming will be addressed upon the clients intake in a collaborative effort between school and home or Center and home. Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will thoroughly assess specific challenging behaviors that could be occurring in your home and community. We will work in collaboration with your family to develop an effective and individualized treatment plan.Our clinical staff employees are trained in Physical & Psychological Management Training (PMT), First Aid and CPR.

Parent Training

Parent Training is required in all of our programs. During Parent Training sessions our Board Certified Behavior Analysts will work with you to determine specific goals for your family and child. We will teach you how to carry out ABA procedures and work with your child in a way that makes interaction possible and reinforcing.

Toilet Training

Intensive Toilet Training at the center occurs after your child has met specific pre-requisite skills. A plan will be developed by our Board Certified Behavior Analysts and your child will be placed on a schedule to sit on the toilet. If your child is afraid of the toilet, a plan for desensitization will occur first. After toilet training is mastered at the Center, a plan will be put in place to generalize this skill at home.

Eating During Mealtimes

Our Board Certified Behavior Analysts work closely with Pediatric Feeding Specialists to improve appropriate eating behavior. This can include strategies such as delayed exposure to a variety of foods and motivational systems to reduce tantrums.

Early Intervention

The Early Intervention program at the ABA4U Treatment Center includes 1:1 direct therapy in a clinical setting. All sessions are overseen by the on-site Board Certified Behavior Analysts. The program includes a heavy focus on communication and core skills, as well as behavior reduction. Each client has a highly individualized treatment plan that is based upon individual assessments and data collection.