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Our Clinical Model

Our program was founded in 2011 to provide services to families of children with autism spectrum disorder diagnoses as well as other related behavior disorders. We follow a medical model to provide effective services in applied behavior analysis in a clinical, home, or community setting. In 2013 we were approved by the New Jersey Board of Education to provide behavior therapy services both on-site at our Clinic and off-site.

Clinical Programming:

  • On-Site BCBA at all times
  • Children are assessed for skill level and behavior challenges upon intake and re-assessed every 3 months.
  • 1:1 instruction in structured table time and natural environment teaching
  • Weekly consultation visits by the BCBA-D Consultant
  • Individualized programming and bi-weekly data collection
  • A medical model that allows for extensive supervision and oversight of programming and therapy sessions
  • Opportunities for social skill interaction and peer modeling
  • Circle Time
  • Option to have OT and Speech therapist provide services on-site
  • Intensive supervision and training provided to all Behavioral Technicians to allow for the highest quality level services
  • In-depth analysis of data on a weekly basis to ensure your child’s progress is occurring at an optimal rate

Home Programming:

  • In home 1:1 sessions that focus on skill acquisition and behavior reduction programs that are specific to your child and families needs
  • Oversight and Supervision provided by a Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Monthly “Clinical Rounds” conducted in Office with the BCBA-D consultant
  • Parent Training based upon your families needs
  • Generalization of skills acquired at school or in Clinical setting
  • Collaboration with academic/school program if possible
  • Focus on activities of daily living and community skills
  • Monthly Clinics involving the team of professionals and your family
  • Supervision and training  provided continuously by the Program Coordinator and/or a Board Certified Behavior Analyst
  • Continuous oversight and in-depth analysis of weekly data by the Board Certified Behavior Analyst